Great tips for making your bedroom look expensive.

Fill the pillows on your bed: The pillows give a rich look.

Take lighting: The lighting in the bedroom must be striking. Regardless of the big budget, you find a really striking light, pulling up the design of the room.

Organize the bedside: You can simplify the bedside cabinets and put them in a different air with a flower or candles in the vase.

Get a furniture from the focal point: Make this single furniture the focus of the bedroom and organize the rest of the furniture based on this furniture.

Organize your make-up table: The crowd on the make-up table has a negative effect on the appearance of the entire room.

Change the handles of the furniture: Small bu effectly change.

Make the room compact: Keep the spacers on the ground regularly and keep the cables visible.

Add greens: Keeping plants in the bedroom makes the room warm.

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