IKEA hack - stacked rast dressers. could be a great repurposing if we buy nicer furniture later.

Whether your home is large or small, you need certain places to store some items. The fact that you have huge rooms or bedrooms is nice, but if you are looking for a place to put your furniture, you need a few little rescuers. Among the items you want to store at home are hand towels, bath towels, linen, underwear, socks, or non-seasonal clothes. You may find it difficult to find places to put winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter.

Wardrobe can not offer enough storage space for you to collect all the disarray in the house. Although they are quite large in size, they can not offer enough variety. For this reason, you need to produce different alternatives before reaching the problem dimension. This is where the dressers come in.

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