Ikea Hack Latt Kids Table - painted white, chalkboard paint on top, black vinyl on seats, ikea hanger and metal containers, paper roll on bottom (ikea paper is too long and must be cut, instead buy paper roll from lowes in painting drop cloth section for $3), two wood strips on sides to hold paper and for easy tear off. TIP: when painting do NOT lay all parts out and paint. the bottom pieces do not need paint. Put together without table and seat tops and paint

It is a proven fact that encouraging your kids to play outdoor games helps their social and cognitive development. Therefore you should convince your kids to play outdoor games for at least one or two hours. It is also important to provide useful tools and toys as well as product and equiments to your kids.

The sample seen in the picture is a table set consisting of a mini table, two chairs and a hanger with three tiny pails. Your kids can play educative and entertaining outdoor games with this useful products.

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